Khinkalnya – a chain of sincere restaurants of Georgian cuisine.
Khinkalnya ™ is an all-Ukrainian chain of hospitable restaurants with a laconic menu of hits of Georgian cuisine, the main dish of which is hinkali – seasoned with spices juicy meat bags with a tight dough.
Khinkalnya -is a unique format of the hospitable Georgian cuisine restaurant and the main component of our success – really tasty and inexpensive food.
The menu of the restaurant is simple and understandable: khinkali, three kinds of khachapuri, dishesfrom grill, kharcho, many vegetables and greens, homemade wine. The basis of the corporate style in Khinkalni – an ancient pattern of Georgian embroidery, its elements used in the design of the menu and the room. Furniture transformers and ancient screen panel allow quickly adapt a place for big companies in the evening and a lunch option in the

Our Restaurants


InvestmentFrom 60th. $
Lump-sum payment13-19th. $
Royalty fee2% of turnover
Payoff period;From 14 months

Support for franchisees

  • Help in choosing locations
  • Investment and operating models
  • Implementation of standards
  • Design
  • Equipment fitting
  • Staff training
  • Implementation of the accounting and reporting system
  • Marketing

Marta Naumenko

Development Director of restaurant chain

+48 818 847 042

If you require any further information, contact us